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First Covenant Church seeks to be a diverse, multi-generational, urban Christian community that is a place of learning & transformation for all kinds of people.


Who are you?

That's the important question, because your presence changes us. Whether you are young, old or somewhere in between; whatever your race or ethnicity; whether partnered, parent, or neither... you are welcome and indeed needed, as the full person you are.

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We seek life that is expansive and rich through the profound, life-altering teachings of Jesus. We meet together for learning, friendship, and worship. At First Covenant Church you can be a part of the community at any place of your spiritual journey. We hope you will join with us.

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Weekly Sunday services at 9:30 AM

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“It is grace that scandalizes people and sometimes breaks families, and sadly, it is most often religious people that do the breaking. But, for those who hang in there and keep pouring out measureless love, and seek peace in the midst of violence, beautiful and amazing stories can be attributed to the children of God who have the courage to neither fight, nor flee conflict, but rather sit in the mess and like Jesus, look for God’s redemptive narratives to emerge.”
— Dan Collison

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