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Commitment #1: Community

We gather to grow a Christian community devoted to God, neighbor and one another by honoring one another’s stories and differences, learning together, and living Christ’s healing narrative in all of our relationships.

Commitment #2: Choosing Personal Transformation

We grow personally as Christ followers in making a conscious effort to development one’s own body, mind and spirit by transforming the separate self, balancing the inward and outward journey, allowing failure and woundedness to be primary teachers, and accepting reality as paradoxical and complementary.

Commitment #3: Caring for Others Through Social Transformation

We care for others in our world by lifting up the God-given dignity of all people and by learning from and seeking solidarity with the marginalized, oppressed, and under-resourced as we work on and pursue compassion, mercy and justice together. 

Commitment #4: Finding Purpose

We clarify, articulate and act on our individual sense of purpose through continuous appreciative inquiry of what God has already put within us that is most often awakened and refined in the flow of life and especially where there are convergences of encouragement from Scripture, personal lived experiences, life in community, and a deep sense of vocational call.

Commitment #5: Creating a Beautiful Life

We create time and space to activate the imagination and engage in play such that our faith is continuously being refreshed, our relationships healthfully renewed, and we embody a more holistic and sustainable existence.

Commitment #6: Grace-Filled Accountability

We graciously hold ourselves and one another in the work of embodying the aspirations we mutually discern as our best efforts and to live the core life giving principles and ethics of Christ through forgiveness, mercy, honest love, holistic generosity, diversity and unity, and individuality and mutuality.