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Saran Sidime was born in Guinea Conakry. At eight years old, her family moved to the Ivory Coast. When Saran was eleven,  her family fled the civil war in Ivory Coast to seek Asylum in New York City. Saran grew up in the South Bronx. She attended Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA and earned a Bachelors degree in International Relations with a concentration in International Peace & Security in May of 2014. Prior to her move to Minnesota, she worked for various international organizations and think tanks in Washington DC. She now works as a staff assistant for Sen. Smith in Saint Paul. 

Saran is making plans to attend divinity school in the fall. Her various interests include but are not limited to: international humanitarian law, christian ethics and society, african ethics, forced migration, moral imagination in peace building, religious and cultural traditions of French- speaking Africa,  and ethno-political violence in Africa. 

When Saran isn't wrestling with heavy thoughts in her solitude, she makes time for laughter with her family and life-giving friends.

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