Advent Haikus

1. So easy to give
I see your belovedness
Learning to receive

2. Gotta beat the bus
Shoes and braces and pigtails
Joy-filled step, step, step

3. Tiny NICU babe
Hospital stay every year
Sniffles make me scared

4. Building inclusion
Delighting in the challenge
Head and heart and hands

5. Cook wrap music lights
holy baby grand babies
love care celebrate

6. Riding bike to breathe
snow, ice, salt, focused on love
Through darkness and light

7. Waiting and calling
Bravely I ask, who is it?
Discovering true self

8. Short days and long nights
Warm hearts stand against the cold
Now we sing our hope

9. Walking in to work
I see footprints in the snow
Signs of soles and souls

10. Gather together
Share food and drink, love and light
All is well. Goodnight.

11. End of draining day
a hug that doesn’t let go
my heart overflows

12. Morning star reveals
Light in darkest places now
Certainty of hope.

13. Heaven on Earth
Is having love and labor
Be simply one thing

14. Advent concert heard,
Glad tidings of ancient night,
Angels still proclaim.

15. Catalog full list,
Misdirected desires rest,
God’s bundle enough.

16. Prayers reach out to Him
Hallelujahs, praises, glory
Willing surrender

17. Snow laying softly
Settling on icy ground
Calm, quiet, peaceful

18. Time for Children’s Church,
Sunday morning songs and crafts,
Glue, glitter and God.

19. Black against gray sky
Silent, soaring, amorphous
Dancing now as one

20. I’ve lost my passion
This work matters too much for
me to be half-in

21. So many questions
Ideas to express and share
I wish I could speak

22. “Mama,” says the boy
under the clear fuming mask
His lips pink again.

23. He loved the Messiah
and Handel’s, too.
Merry Christmas in Heaven
You are face to face with both now.