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Kids Adventure Week

On a warm summer night, children from our church community and kids from the Phillips neighborhood and Hope Academy gather to experience the kingdom of God- KIDS STYLE! There are four amazing nights of experiencing the ADVENTURE of following Christ and the generosity and BIGNESS of God's love. Children are invited to "taste and see" that the Lord is good through fabulous worship, captivating drama for all ages, creative art, playing, hands on exploring, reflecting and practicing prayer.

Our theme, "Ooh-Topia", will take kids into a wild ride of some of the most amazing and joy-filled Bible stores. Once again our gifted and passionate actors and actresses will invite us to open our eyes and hearts to the wonder, mystery and awe of the "great news" in the Holy Book. Through a variety of learning stations, children will discover ways to connect God's story to their story and continue to be transformed by God's love and discover their divine DNA as God's beloved.

Our church community has a rich tradition of coming around our children and leading this week. Thank you to many of you who have shared your gifts and presence with our children. Kids Adventure Week is a time set apart for kids, but there is also a gift for grown-ups to be a part of something that gives birth to our sense of wonder and reminds us that children have a unique way of inviting and leading us to experience God's grace and love.

This year we are inviting you to get involved in this awesome week through your financial gifts, time and prayers. We are in the midst of raising $3,263 to sponsor 50 children to be involved with the week. $65.24 covers the cost for one child. Please consider sponsoring a child or two. Every gift is valued and important and all contributions are tax-deductible.

In a few weeks you will have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer for the many hands and hearts that are needed for this week to happen. Whether you have a specific gift like welcoming others, or preparing and serving food, or leading games, or capturing the essence of the week through photography, or leading worship, or caring for children, or leading a small group, or helping kids explore science, create art, pray and explore Bible stories- everyone is welcome and needed! You can sign up either through contacting Carma, or in the lobby of our church at the "Ooh-Topia" space.

You are also invited to pray for all the kids and adults who will be a part of "Ooh-Topia". If you have questions of need more information about volunteering or giving, please contact Carma Gjerning at

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