How to make Christianity healthy?

"Know there are no outsiders"


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Empathy is the capacity to recognize the emotions and experiences of another person. And, empathy may be the most important ethic of Christ followers for today in that most of the gaps that exist in segregated Christian communities, and segregated larger society will be transformed by deeper empathy for everyone.
— Dan Collison

"Remember that the separate self is the problem"


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Many Christians in our time acknowledge that our religious movement is adrift from its core purpose and mission—the core mission of reminding everyone everywhere that in and through the unique work of Christ they are loved by God and connected to one another, and, are to love God and love one another across human difference because of the profoundly sacred deposit of God in everyone and everything.
— Dan Collison

"Become a person of substance"


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...attend to that which is already true, be grounded in who you already are, and receive it all as a gift. As you do, you will find yourself not only having enough, but overflowing, abounding in gratitude and thanksgiving!
— Todd Bratulich

"Having the time of your life"

COLOSSIANS 1:24 - 2:5

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Christianity stays healthy, and we Christians stay healthy, when we’re “having the time of our lives” – that is, when we’re staying attentive to divine time, and to our own placement in it. This is perhaps especially important during times of struggle or suffering. We need to be able to place ourselves well, so we don’t get lost in the push and pull of our fears and sorrows, our longings and graspings.
— Andrea Hollingsworth

"Keep Christ as Center"


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It is important to recognize the multiplicity of traditions within the large canopy of Christian religion, and find freedom in keeping Christ and Christ’ teachings as preeminent in our Protestant and Covenant affirmation of the Centrality of the Word of God.
— Dan Collison