First Century Heart - 21st Century Eyes

"Participating in the divine nature"

1 Peter 5 - 2 Peter 1

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It is helpful to have a rational understanding and appreciation of who Jesus was as a teacher and work to live out what Jesus taught and modelled. But, in order to participate and be increasingly transformed by the divine nature of God throughout our whole being and on a day to day basis—we need to go farther and deeper, through faith, on the path of becoming more deeply connected to God. And as a result, more authentically formed into our best selves.
— Dan Collison

"Where is God in my ordeal?"

1 Peter 4:12-19

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Let’s get real. If we’re in the middle of intense adversity, often the highest “good” we can reach is to try to stay open to the divine invitations that may be there within the fire. To be a hero in affliction is sometimes just to do your blessed best to hang on and not close yourself to the Holy.
— Andrea Hollingsworth

"Revisiting cultural norms"

1 Peter 2:13-3

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Why study Scripture that has been used for evil? Speaking from the posture of being a white straight male in power who passionately seeks to deconstruct my archetype and be an ally to all who are marginalized—our purpose is to awaken to the subversive and liberating work of God that has always challenged human abuses of power (whether coming from our diverse holy texts and religious traditions or coming from popular and political voices), to learn how to do this from Christ, the ultimate subversive liberator, and ultimately live a Christ-i-an narrative that is generous, just, compassionate, merciful, and grace-filled.
— Dan Collison

"Sometimes it hurts"

James 5:7-20

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The Jesus story tells us that our woundedness is not our weakness, it is our superpower. Our woundedness and our suffering is our superpower against the cycles of violence if we allow it to be our teacher.
— Dan Collison