Advent 2018

"The holy came near"

Luke 2:1-20

…the entire point of Christmas is this—God demonstrating in the Christ Child and clarifying for all time everything in the cosmos is designed to ceaselessly dance between differentiation and communion, togetherness and difference, individuality and mutuality.
— Dan Collison

"For those who wait"

Micah 5:1-5a

Maybe this is the promise. Not that everything will be fixed. Not that a peace from some external source will somehow make all the darkness go away... But rather, that from the place of exile, just when it feels like God has “given me up” or “given up” my community and my world, then God conceived within me and within each of us a hope, a longing which we are called to carry and labor into the world. Perhaps it is in the waiting, in the carrying, and in the labor that our salvation, our healing, our redemption comes.
— Todd Bratulich

"What then shall we do?"

Luke 3:7-20

This Scripture is an important Advent text in that it helps us recognize that beyond John the Baptizer, the Incarnation of God was in part a corrective to the human problems of indifference, cruelty and greed. And, for those courageous enough to live their lives in the flow of Jesus’ compassion, mercy, and justice imperatives—we will recognize that we are given both a deep sense of purpose and a good measure of complexity.
— Dan Collison

"Loves and Labors"

Philippians 1:3-11

May you know the glorious mystery that lives within the mundane. May awareness of this mystery grow in you, day by day, until the work is completed (Phil. 1:6) and you able to sense God always, a prayer without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17).
— Andrea Hollingsworth

"There will be signs"

Luke 21:25-36

8-Wisdom For An Urban Congregation.png
And the key paradox and Advent lesson for us in todays’ Scripture is that everything, from stars and worlds to our frail and aging bodies, is in a constant cycle of living, passing away and dying, and being reborn. And the coming of Christ as Incarnation, and the returning of Christ at the end of all things affirms that the cycle as embedded in a real and sustaining connection with the loving Creator of all living things.
— Dan Collison