“Sanitized Spirituality - The Parable of the Two Debtors”

"The invitation to love is an inherently vulnerable endeavor, and the question today’s parable invites us to consider is not so much our sincerity or worthiness in love, but rather the question of engagement. Will we, like the woman in the parable, risk touching the heart of love at the center of our own vulnerability, fear, and even failure? Or will we maintain our “healthy” distance?"

-Todd Bratulich

"The parable of the lost sheep"

Luke 15:1-7

What if the measuring devices with which we’ve grown so accustomed have actually led us away from our truest identity? What if in all of our do-gooding we’ve wandered far from our own belovedness, thinking that the paths we are walking will lead us to water? Perhaps I am the one that has gone missing, and needs to be found, brought back by the shepherd to be reminded of who I am.
— Todd Bratulich

"The parable of the pearl"

Matthew 13:44-46

There is a thing beneath the thing, a hidden wholeness, a bottomless belovedness, a oneness with God and all of God’s creation underneath all of our desire. What if in all of your searching you were to touch up on that ever-deepening river of divine life that it is already within you, but has until now remained hidden?
— Todd Bratulich

"The gift of insignificance"

Luke 13:18-19

Like the pesky little mustard seed, God’s presence and activity often comes unexpectedly, indiscriminately, and with abundance! The liberating news that God’s Kingdom is found not exclusively in the places of great influence, but more often in the insignificant people, places and events that, while seemingly small, bear the infectious possibility of God’s goodness, mercy and love is an invitation to join in the abundance!
— Todd Bratulich

"Inhabitants of parched places"

Isaiah 58:1-12

The danger of an unexamined life is that we might forget who we are, ‘house that believes it is not a house,’ as poet Tracy K. Smith puts it. The season of Lent is a time to pull back the veil, to look hard at the fragility of our own lives, to take stock, to reorient from where we’ve become lost, to repent. And repentance, in the words of the late Fr. Thomas Keating, is simply to ‘change the direction in which you are looking for happiness.’
— Todd Bratulich

Why could we not cast it out?

Matthew 17:14-20

“This is faith… it is as we surrender, as we both acknowledge the limits of our own power to bring about transformation, and trust our whole selves in God as conduits of love and makers of peace, knowing full well that joining in the suffering of the world will bring about our own suffering, but that it will also bring about our healing and salvation. That is the power of an active faith!”
— Todd Bratulich

"For those who wait"

Micah 5:1-5a

Maybe this is the promise. Not that everything will be fixed. Not that a peace from some external source will somehow make all the darkness go away... But rather, that from the place of exile, just when it feels like God has “given me up” or “given up” my community and my world, then God conceived within me and within each of us a hope, a longing which we are called to carry and labor into the world. Perhaps it is in the waiting, in the carrying, and in the labor that our salvation, our healing, our redemption comes.
— Todd Bratulich

"A non-judgemental outlook"

James 3:13-4:12

8-Wisdom For An Urban Congregation.png
The path of humility, the way of yielding, the downward path is the path that leads to transcendence, to rising above the envy, judgement, selfishness and violence. In descending, one finds that Spirit which God has caused to dwell within us is already present, providing us with new tools for the journey, tools of peace and patience, sincerity and impartiality, kindness and mercy.
— Todd Bratulich

"Some best practices for relationships in community"

Titus 3

5-Church Is A Verb (1).png
Awakening to the reality that we are first and foremost God’s beloved children and heirs is the Good News that makes grace-filled, loving community even possible! All the other stuff, the “do this” and “avoid that” is all merely an overflow of our deep and eternal belonging in God, which constitutes our deep belonging to one another and to all of God’s creation. Once you have that (which, by the way, is already yours) you have everything!
— Todd Bratulich

"Nurture a life of depth"

1 Timothy 3-4

5-Church Is A Verb (1).png
When we each do our work to cultivate a life of depth, we more fully embody the spirit of Christ in how we serve one another in our ‘household’ of faith, and more brilliantly reflect the love of Christ in a world that is dying to hear and see some good news actually lived out!
— Todd Bratulich

"Encourage one another"

1 Thessalonians 1

5-Church Is A Verb (1).png
My hope is that we don’t merely talk about church, but that these texts stir us to be the church, to do that which makes our life together as a community of faith vital and essential to our lived experience of faith, as we are drawn together by our shared love of Christ and called to bear witness to the love of God we find in Christ in our world.
— Todd Bratulich

"Become a person of substance"


4-How To Make Christianity Healthy (2).png
...attend to that which is already true, be grounded in who you already are, and receive it all as a gift. As you do, you will find yourself not only having enough, but overflowing, abounding in gratitude and thanksgiving!
— Todd Bratulich

"The Downward Path"

JOHN 13:1-17, 31b-35

It’s at the intersection of the the down and the up, where the pain of loss and the hope of new possibility meet, where love and rejection, betrayal and intimacy collide… these are the spaces where we are invited to follow Jesus on his seemingly downward path, and participate in the fullness of our humanity, only to find that the down and the up are working together to make us whole.
— Todd Bratulich

"The Three-legged Stool of Law, Faith, and Promise"


1-I Want To Be Free (1).png
You don’t need to look outside of yourself to accomplish or obtain what you already are! You are God’s children, you are Beloved, you are included, the promise is yours and you can know it by faith!
— Todd Bratulich

"The Personal Struggle for Freedom"


1-I Want To Be Free (1).png
Perhaps too often we have not trusted the work of God within us, and instead given our agency over to others, whether pastors, denominations, authors or institutions, to interpret and define our spiritual or religious experience for us, rather than attending to the revelation and movement of God within us.
— Todd Bratulich