"Grace Changes Us"


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This is the beauty of grace...grace that changes us- that opens us to love, to the world, to each other. It is grace that changes how we live, how we love, and how we are together. It is grace that invites us to be grown and calls us forth for love and the mystery and promise of Christ is this- you are, we are beloved members of one family of a God who loves and heals, and holds and restores us all.
— Sara Wilhelm Garbers

"Love That Surpasses Knowledge"


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Here in this new community of people who used to be divided...that’s where God shows up. That’s where the mystery and the power of the gospel of grace is found. That this human community, yes even our human community, is where God shows up—in the midst of our diverse differences.
— Sara Wilhelm Garbers

"Freedom in Christ Defined"


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What reconciliation and redemption mean, rebirth and Holy Spirit, love for one’s enemies, cross and resurrection, what it means to live in Christ and follow Christ, all that is so difficult and remote that we hardly dare speak of it anymore. In these words and actions handed down to us, we sense something totally new and revolutionary, but we cannot yet grasp it and express it. This is our own fault. Our church has been fighting during these years only for its self-preservation, as if that were an end in itself. It has become incapable of bringing the word of reconciliation and redemption to humankind and to the world. So the words we used before must lose their power, be silenced, and we can be Christians today only in two ways, through prayer and in doing justice among human beings. All Christian thinking, talking, and organizing must be born anew, out of that prayer and action.
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer