"Having the time of your life"

COLOSSIANS 1:24 - 2:5

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Christianity stays healthy, and we Christians stay healthy, when we’re “having the time of our lives” – that is, when we’re staying attentive to divine time, and to our own placement in it. This is perhaps especially important during times of struggle or suffering. We need to be able to place ourselves well, so we don’t get lost in the push and pull of our fears and sorrows, our longings and graspings.
— Andrea Hollingsworth

"Keep Christ as Center"


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It is important to recognize the multiplicity of traditions within the large canopy of Christian religion, and find freedom in keeping Christ and Christ’ teachings as preeminent in our Protestant and Covenant affirmation of the Centrality of the Word of God.
— Dan Collison

"Journey to the other side of grief"

JOHN 20:1-18

Easter is the epicenter of God’s redefinition of the human experience and it is also a marker of tender moments where love is attached to our names and we are given courage to walk our own unique paths, including journeying to the other side of grief to new life.
— Dan Collison

"The Downward Path"

JOHN 13:1-17, 31b-35

It’s at the intersection of the the down and the up, where the pain of loss and the hope of new possibility meet, where love and rejection, betrayal and intimacy collide… these are the spaces where we are invited to follow Jesus on his seemingly downward path, and participate in the fullness of our humanity, only to find that the down and the up are working together to make us whole.
— Todd Bratulich

"How can I stop worrying so much?"


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…we do well to acknowledge how toxic worry really is and seek to reduce it by limiting our assumptions, learning to accept all possible outcomes, and saturating all of life with gratitude and generosity.
— Dan Collison

"Out of Breath in the Marathon Life"


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What does pressing toward the goal of the “heavenly call of God” look like for women who live their lives in a cloud of physical and mental exhaustion generated from the demands of their multiple and ever-proliferating daily responsibilities?
— Andrea Hollingsworth

"What if I don't feel I can trust anyone?"


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Philippians chapter two gives us a compelling picture of the real work of building trusting relationships. Its committing to a careful, cultivating, repeated practice of seeing one another, honoring one another’s stories and differences, learning together, and forgiving one another continuously as we seek to live Christ’ healing narrative.
— Dan Collison

"Humility: True or False"


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I don’t remember many… SPECIFIC moments from SPECIFIC sermons… BUT,
One that I DO remember well, is when a pastor said…
“How many people here struggle with pride?
NOW… before you answer too quickly,
a wrongly ordered “pride” can mean one of TWO things…
-Either you think too highly of yourself OR too little of yourself…
EITHER WAY, it’s all about YOU!!!!!!!
— Bruce Balgaard

"A Trembling Trust"

JOEL 2:1-2, 12-17

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I’ll say it again: The beautiful tragedy of God’s Livingness in our midst is that the encounter with it usually, maybe always, involves some form of undoing. Maybe the “fear and trembling” we’re supposed to have as we work out our salvation and pray for the Day of the Lord just means keeping this basic truth in sight.
— Andrea Hollingsworth

"Set Free to Share Freedom"

MARK 1:29-39




The Gospel of Mark Chapter one more broadly, and today’s verses 29-39 more specifically, invite us to remember that we are set free to share freedom. And, that the work of Christ followers sharing freedom includes resisting evil and being a healing presence in our homes, our churches, and our communities.
— Dan Collison

"What do I do when I am unjustly persecuted by my religion?"


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One of the functions of community is to remind us of exactly that, that none of us are beyond correction. We can love each other and disagree but if our disagreements are rooted in keeping some people oppressed, there is no foundation for love.
— Saran Sidime

"The Complexities of Applying Grace to Everyday Life"


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Scripture is as much a revelation of God for our lives as it is a multi-form mirror to the larger human experience, and so it is our discipline to use difficult texts to open important conversations that help us develop a more holistic and life giving relationship to our holy texts while we also wrestle with the complexities of applying grace to everyday life. Even more, today’s text affords us the opportunity to learn how to read holy Scripture and discern the difference between timeless wisdom and time bound convention.
— Dan Collison

"Grace Changes Us"


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This is the beauty of grace...grace that changes us- that opens us to love, to the world, to each other. It is grace that changes how we live, how we love, and how we are together. It is grace that invites us to be grown and calls us forth for love and the mystery and promise of Christ is this- you are, we are beloved members of one family of a God who loves and heals, and holds and restores us all.
— Sara Wilhelm Garbers

"Keeping Awake"


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…if we are willing to go deeper than the Y2K like scaremongering of media and publishers who sell hype and books and religious fundamentalists who sell fear and survival food…we will learn that Christ’s command to “watch for his return” is principally about being fully awake in the present and with clear minded courage choosing to imitate Christ’s incarnational self-emptying for the sake of love.
— Dan Collison